The “Common Grounds” of the Porto Cima Townhome POA fall within the boundaries of the Four Seasons POA.   Therefore, the rules and regulations of the “Lakesites POA” also apply to owners of the Townhome properties.  The “Four Seasons POA” policy on pets is restated below:

In addition to the Lakesites policy shown below.  Because the Townhome properties all sit on Townhome POA common ground, not on lots owned by the Townhome owner, the following additional policies apply.

  1. Enclosed pens are not permitted. 

  2. Only buried electronic fences are permitted.  Application for approval of an electronic fence is made through the Townhome POA manager.

  3. For the benefit of the entire association, to facilitate grounds maintenance, and to keep the grounds looking nice, it is required that owners pick up after their pets. 

  4. Under no circumstances are pets to be permitted to run loose, unsupervised by the owner, or wander about the common ground unsupervised.

  5. Repair or replacement of lawn areas and/or plants damaged by pets will be done by the Townhome POA at the owners expense, after appropriate notification.

The Townhome POA Pet policy was also mentioned on the July 1, 2006 Newsletter.