Directors serve 1 year terms commencing with their election after the adjournment of each Annual Meeting.
At the annual Meeting the Nominating Committee will submit a proposed slate of Directors to serve the following year. Additional nominations will be solicited from attendees at the Annual Meeting. Following the adjournment of the Annual Meeting, at a meeting of the Board, the Incumbent Board will vote on Directors for the following year.

The POA board members are:

  • Paul Pederson, President
    Chair-Structures Committee
    Neighborhood Liaison – Punto Piloto (Email)

  • Fred Miller, Vice President
    Chair-Landscape Committee (Email)

  • Jim Murphy, Secretary / Treasurer
    Chair-Finance Committee (Email)

  • Susan Ellis
    Neighborhood Liaison – Las Campanas, Via Bacino, Southshore Place, Avilla Court (Email)

  • Jim Adkins
    Neighborhood Liaison – Bello Point (Email)

  • Fred Schneider
    Neighborhood Liaison – Villa La Cresta (Email)